Republicans: ‘no collusion’ between campaign team Trump and Russia

9c7dc3f52327d3f60fe29e95342783ab - Republicans: ‘no collusion’ between campaign team Trump and Russia

The Republicans in the inlichtingencommissie of the House of Representatives have ” no proof of collusion, coordination or conspiracy between the campaign team of president Donald Trump, and Russia.

The inlichtingencommissie, dominated by Republicans, presented Monday in a press release, the main conclusions of the research of Russian interference in the American presidential elections in 2016. But it is only the Republican members of the commission that the conclusions have been signed.

The Republicans also claim that they have no evidence found of a preference of Vladimir Putin for Trump in 2016 – in contrast to what the intelligence services had concluded. The Democratic members of the commission, the conclusions may reject it. They complain for months about the partisan investigation of the parliamentary committee.

Special prosecutor Robert Mueller explores still new tracks in the judicial investigation of the possible interference.

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