‘Players Eupen gambled on their own games’

b05bdb7f699f44a8535a683ba1a3d887 - 'Players Eupen gambled on their own games'

After the miraculous escape of Eupen last weekend in the highest Belgian voetbalklasse there were soon stories of matchfixing and bribery the round.

“Gokpraktijken in the dressing room of Eupen

Now diving there are also stories of gokpraktijken in the dressing room of Eupen. The Public prosecution is a preliminary investigation started to see if there further research is needed, reports The flemish newspaper het Nieuwsblad in Belgium.

According to The Newspaper are there for a while, problems with players betting on their own matches and even in defeats for the home team. There would even be players in tracksuits of Eupen been seen at the local betting to gamble on matches, including in their own duels.




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