Piet Huysentruyt and the heart attack

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Piet Huysentruyt is this week in All. In the weekly magazine tells the cook about a near-death experience that he never previously told. For the facts we have to go back to the time when his daughter Marie was born. “I’ve experienced a heart attack received, this I have never been told before, Piet Huysentruyt. “It felt as if my wrists were to explode. Then I did a week and a half on intensive located. Because I was overtired and certain childhood diseases, had not had, I got jaundice and even a total paralysis to my head. So that my heart failed. When I have the death in the eyes looked, literally. “

“Between the entry into the hospital and the time that they me gedefibrilleerd, I have seen a light. A light that came to find me, so it seemed. The electric shock of the defibrillator have me reduced. Also when I bleeding got, I thought that my last hour had beaten.” For the full interview read this week in All.

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