Patty Brard falls ten kilos after a stomach reduction

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Patty Brard is two weeks after her gastric ten pounds. The presenter feels like a completely different person.

“When I was just during the vloggen in my phone looked, I thought: this I am not. I recognized myself anymore. I feel so different,” says Brard, in the coming weeks for her afvalproces track.

At the beginning of this year, according to the presenter, the button to. “When I have that day on the scales went, I weighed 97.9 pounds. I was shocked me to death, and thought: now it’s finished.” After many wanderings, she went eventually in Belgium under the knife for a gastric bypass.

No alcohol

Currently, Brard, who since January is also not a drop more alcohol has been drunk, still recovering from the surgery.

“The first two weeks you are allowed only liquid food. But thankfully I’m now all of the Bambix and I do my potatoes with a hand blender to puree, so that helps.”


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