Olcay finds tv world, ’extreme white’

99d00e04294f5d24ddbe2dab36115422 - Olcay finds tv world, ’extreme white’

Olcay Gülşen (37) is that the tv world is not a good reflection of the society. Just like in the mode is also “extremely bright,” says the fashion entrepreneur and the losing finalist of Who is the Mole? in the Volkskrant.

“Also, there is thought to be: blond sell. With Jandino they have one excuusneger on Saturday evening,” says Olcay. “I myself am not dark and I speak English well.”

Olcays role in the tv-world is anyway a small. “I move not in the highest layer of Hilversum. My role there is that of fashion entrepreneur and lifestyledeskundige. I am a tv going to do to my brand, to strengthen.”

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