Of Stee: “Grim is also a candidate at Sparta

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Henk van Stee, ’rather today than tomorrow’, a new head coach as successor to Dick Advocaat, who after this season afzwaait. The new technical manager of Sparta, who had a contract signed until mid-2022, you will know that a large part of his policy stands or falls with the interpretation of that position. Current assistant coach Fred Grim seems the main candidate.

Henk van Stee

“Grim is also a candidate,” says Van Stee. “Fred has a lot of qualities, but there are several trainers that the qualities have to be in Sparta. Haste is a bad counselor, but we do want to as quickly as possible a new head coach.”

The new technical boss can be difficult, as the rear of his tongue. He made only yesterday his introduction round at the club where he is already 29 years around them. However, he gave directly to his ear to listen to will lay the technical advisor Leo Beenhakker. Sparta wants to Don Leo – after the arrival of van Stee – like to be retained as an executive board member technical affairs.

“It would be terrible stupid if you don’t make use of the knowledge of Leo, and now Dick Advocaat,” says Van Stee. “With Dick, I will quickly sit down on how certain things within the club.”

If the Lawyer is located, is Grim as his successor. “I think it is not nice to Sparta, to have something to say about it, but internally they know what I about it have said and how I think of it,” said the experienced trainer.

Guess what Lawyer the club has advised. Not for nothing, he took Grim last winter to Sparta. The 70-year-old coach worked with the Dutch national team have already excellent together with Grim, for the return of Lawyer in Orange even as interim coach. He had a 2.5-year contract as head coach of Cambuur walk for a Lawyer and Sparta.

Understand what Lawyer, Grim and Cor Pot to get above at the cast of actors, can be Of Stee charm. “What Lawyer and his staff create within a team, is very good. A fighting machine within the qualities that they have.”

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