No celebrities in the first Scientology-broadcast

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At the launch of the television channel of the Church of Scientology, its Monday night, no famous members deployed. Include hollywood stars Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Danny Masterson, and Elisabeth Moss have joined the movement.

Would Tom Cruise be suitable for the broadcasting of his Scientology?

The station started with a message from the leader of Scientology, David Miscavige. “We are not here to preach, to persuade, or to repent,” said he. “No, we want you to simply show something. Because the first principle of Scientology is that something is only true, if you where is. So take a look and decide for yourself.”

In a number of programs came Monday night several members of the church of Scientology in the picture and the word. Also sent the station a special on founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Discovery Channels crimezender ID showed as a reaction to the launch on Monday an episode of the true crime series Vanity Fair Confidential, which the disappearance of David Miscaviges wife Shelly is central. Shelly is already eleven years not seen. Actress and former member Leah Remini was to say that the target of a hate campaign within the church when they went to different people inquired about Shelly. When she Scientology once had to leave, Leah the board member of the church reported missing. Scientology insists indeed to know where Shelly is, but wants that information, not share it.

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