New program with Tom Waes selected for Canneseries.

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‘Undercover’, the new fiction series directed by Eshref Reybrouck and Frank Devos, is the only Belgian series was nominated for the international competition at the new festival Canneséries. The series is a production of The People for One of the Waes in the lead role. ‘Undercover’ will be screened on april 10, in the presence of o.a. director Eshref Reybrouck and starring Tom Waes and Anna Drijver.

The new festival aims to for series to be what the Cannes Festival is for the film and picks up immediately the big tree during MIPtv with several world premieres. From all over the world were a 150 series submitted, of which only 10 were selected for the international competition. On april 11, sharing the jury, o.l.v. writer Harlan Coben o.a. topacteur Michael Kenneth Williams, and the prizes during a ceremony that is broadcast live on Canal+.

Peter Of george chapman, head of fiction The People: “This is a big compliment for the entire team behind ‘Undercover’, and rightly so. It remains exciting from our little country with our limited budgets to try to play with the big boys. It is simply amazing that more and more of our Flemish productions manage to use their nose to the window to cross. That is good for our industry, for all those passionate creators and especially for the viewer.”

In ‘Undercover’ play Tom Waes and Anna Drijver two agents with a dangerous mission. Their target is the Dutchman, Ferry Bouman, one of the largest ECSTASY-producers in the world. He lives in a beautiful villa, but during the weekends and holidays in a chalet on a campsite near his house. The Belgian police are installing two undercover cops, a man and woman that a couple should play, on the campsite to make contact and the XTC network to infiltrate.

‘Undercover’ was produced by Pieter Van george chapman, Ivy Vanhaecke and Jan Theys. Nico Moolenaar (‘Missing’) wrote together with Piet Matthys and Bart Uytdenhouwen the scenario, and is also the showrunner. The direction is in the hands of Eshref Reybrouck (‘Cordon’) and Frank Devos (‘Chaussée d’amour’). The cast consists of Tom Waes, Anna Drijver, Frank Lammers, Elise Schaap, Raymond Thiry and Kevin Janssens.

‘Undercover’ is in 2019 broadcast on One, and has also been bought by Netflix and ZDF. Federation Entertainment has the rights for France acquired and is also responsible for the further global distribution. ‘Undercover’ is a series of The People for One, in collaboration with Proximus, Netflix, Dutch FilmWorks, ZDF, Federation Entertainment, Good Friends, Gardner and Domm, Gallop and the Tax Shelter measure of the Belgian Federal Government.

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