Mike Pompeo, the man who, with the president Trump on one line

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The American president Donald Trump has his minister of Foreign Affairs, Rex Tillerson, the lane is outputted. The boss of the CIA, Mike Pompeo will follow him.

It seemed as though the journalists of Bloomberg in the future could look when she was in the beginning of this year wrote that Mike Pompeo’s Anti-Tillerson, it was actually the ideal candidate would …

It seemed as though the journalists of Bloomberg in the future could look when she was in the beginning of this year wrote that Mike Pompeo’s Anti-Tillerson, it was actually the perfect candidate would be to Tillerson to follow.

So that’s this afternoon happened. In a tweet he showed the American president Doanld Trump know that Mike Pompeo is the new minister of Foreign Affairs. “He will do a fanastic job! Thank you to rex Tillerson for his service!’, wrote the president

Rex Tillerson (65) was this morning at home, after his trip through Africa had shortened. He would on Friday hear have gotten that Trump wanted him to be replaced. That told an important source in the White House to the news agency Reuters. Another source says that Tillerson still don’t know why he the avenue is outputted. Reportedly, Trump national team, replaced with the eye on the difficult conversations that he may with the North Korean leader Kin Jong-un is going to perform.

No surprise

The resignation of the minister of Foreign Affairs does not come as a surprise. Rex Tillerson, who are

traces in the industry had earned, was seen as the moderate, stable factor in the government of Trump. He performed regularly other views than the president. After Trump had claimed that Nato was superfluous, told Tillerson that the United States has good ties with the Nato important. Tillerson took the deal with Iran is a good thing, Trump is a fierce opponent of. The White House remained on the plain when it was announced that the former double agent Sergei Skripal in London was poisoned, Tillerson said bluntly that Russia is the source of the poison was. Trump wanted his troops in Afghanistan, let them fight until they had won, Tillerson saw the slightly less large.

In October it seemed his resignation near when Tillerson journalists had told Trump an ‘idiot’ was. Shortly afterwards he gave a press conference to tell him that he still has a good relationship with the president had, but he took the edge off the messages about his “idiot” statement is not.

Write that it ‘clicked’ between the president and his minister, would be heavily exaggerated.


Mike Pompeo (54), the man who until this morning the boss of the CIA, is seen as the antipode of Tillerson. He is, according to Bloomberg, one of the few politicians in Trumps environment that steadily escalated climbed. He is always a loyal advocate of the ideas of the president, he supports him through thick and thin. So he declared, in his capacity as CIA chief, that if the Russians have a finger in the pap had in the U.s. presidential election in 2016, that in no way are the results influenced.

He has the gift to Trump to communicate. Every morning, he is one of the first people to Trump in the Oval Office shows him to be brief. It is, according to Bloomberg, a briefing on size: with graphs, tables and ‘easily digestible chunks’, which are so made that they draw the attention of the president can draw. Normally it belongs as a daily briefing to the duties of the CIA director, but Pompeo has a good relationship with the president. And that many people find positive, because at first it was Trump very suspicious of the intelligence services. He accused the CIA even that they are the source of the leak was about the contacts between the Trump team and the Russians.

In the CIA itself, not everyone was enthusiastic about the good relationship that the boss with the president. Pompeo’s claim that everyone who did research on the potential relationship between Trump and Russia to him immediately had to report, gave some the eyebrows frown. They feared that he might want to influence. The Washington Post recently wrote that in face-to-face meetings, the Russian influence or the themes that with Russia, downsized.

Black-and-white image

Bloomberg wrote in January that there was already since the autumn of last year a plan was on the table on Pompeo the new minister of Foreign Affairs. Pompeo has the same vision on the world politics as the president. When he in 2010 in the House of Representatives, he was the most outspoken critic of the then Democratic president Obama. He was the man that Hillary Clinton fire to the shins placed about the manner in which the American embassy in Benghazi was attacked. He was – just as president Trump today, a fierce opponent of the agreement by Obama with Iran had closed. Pompeo comes from the stable of the conservative Tea Party in Kansas. When he was in 2017, the director of the CIA was going to be, he said that he would consider to be the waterboardingmethode or other controversial ondervragingsmethoden back in as needed.

Ilan Goldberg, a member of John Kerry (which is the second minister of Foreign Affairs under Obama was), said to Bloomberg that Pompeo same black-and-white image, and the same hardline approach to the world as Donald Trump.

It is actually no surprise that Pompeo the new minister of Foreign Affairs. From now on, the foreign policy of the United States can no longer two voices speak. For the outside world is waiting to see if the rate of the United States will differ from that under Tillerson.

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