Michel Van den Brande furious

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It is not a fun day for Michel Van den Brande. Another less fun day as he has over the last few years, however, one and the other one experienced the following. The boss of Kontrimo may have been driving go hand in because he is also convicted for excessive speed.

The facts date back a while ago, but the judge did last week’s ruling. Van den Brande rode 154km per hour to work on the E40 in Aalter. You can currently but 90 allowed to drive. That speed was indeed corrected to 144,76 km/hour but it is still a serious infringement.
The court has in the judgment about “the extreme extent to which the maximum allowed speed was exceeded” but Van den Brande has even more bad luck. “It will also take into account the extremely unfavourable criminal history of the defendant, not less than 7 times was convicted, including 4 speeding.”

Van den Brande is upset and that is putting it mildly. “Now I am condemned because I have 7 x to quickly have driven on a time span of 18 years !!! They speak of the first speeding ticket in the year 2001 !! The second offense in 2002, 2003, 2004 , 2006 , 2014, and now my latest in the year 2017 !!! And now dare judges say that I’m a repeat offender !!! Why were they not from my birth ???? Then they will still find a lot will disappear !! I am so tired of that strondland eh !!! At the political level be exhausted, and now the court adds a little something to do !! Have bloody 39jaar my license and have never accidentally come across and do 60 a 80,000 km. Per year, and this is mine cadau ,, thanks to the lords the judges , but don’t forget who last laughs best laughs !!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Michel Van den Brande need 300 euro to pay the penalty, will receive a driving ban of 3 months (one with delay) and will provide theory and practical exam must sit and must register for a psychological examination and a medical examination. In addition, it should be Van den Brande 200 euros in the Fund to help victims of deliberate acts of violence deposit and also a further 20 euros to the Begrotingsfonds for secondary legal assistance pay. There are also the costs of the lawsuit.

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