Matt LeBlanc thinks a reunion of Friends not funny

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Fans of the series are curious as to what Joey of his life has made, according to Matt.

Matt LeBlanc is convinced that there is no reunion of Friends. All the characters that the series of large made will now no longer have an impact. That’s according to the actor, because they are now a lot older and are therefore less interesting.

The actor, Joey Tribbiani starred in the legendary tv series, stresses that, Friends was a hit because it was about young people who have plenty in life were. The characters back to life in the stage in which they now would zittenis according to Matt is not funny.

“I have there with the writers talked about”, he told tv host Steve Harvey. “Friends was about a period in life in which people are trying to find. Life hasn’t really begun yet, and your friends are your family. If that period is over, it’s over. All the characters have their own way in life.”

Matt admits that he still has fans of the show met, who asks him about plans for a reunion with David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston. Also, he is often asked what he thinks of Joey would have become. “No one wants Joey to see if he darmonderzoek must undergo,” he laughs.

Matt took five years off after the success of Friends and its spin-off Joey, so that he could concentrate on raising his daughter and the creation of his dream home on a farm north of Santa Barbara in the state of California.

He again has success on tv as the host of the British car show Top Gear, and as the star of the new American sitcom Man With a Plan. Matt also played a comical version of himself in the hit series Episodes.

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