Margriet Hermans and Michel Follet complain about VRT

463b813bfc4523f11c9d9bcb5ba82b6e - Margriet Hermans and Michel Follet complain about VRT

Margriet Hermans, meanwhile, with a talk show on the Eclipse screen TV, and Michel Follet do in All of their grievances about their ex-employer VRT. “The mission of the transmitter (Eclipse TV) was from the start: the ever-growing group of people aged 55 to operate, because that elsewhere are often overlooked. That group can be partly justified Eén and VTM, but during the day there is really nothing for them”, says Hermans. “Of course that has to do with the advertising that this older audience will find interesting,” adds Michel. “So, they ignore that completely. I find that incomprehensible. It makes me really furious. VTM I understand that completely, it is a commercial house. But the VRT does neither on tv, nor on radio what you want from a public broadcaster should be expected: everyone is optimally operate. They are allowed in, but they want not to associate.”

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