Lieke van Lexmond met Oprah Winfrey

e3ae213e7551a42700dfedbb9ca1d897 - Lieke van Lexmond met Oprah Winfrey

Lieke van Lexmond with her sister jetteke she is responsible for, in London and runs for no one less than Oprah Winfrey against the body. And it works the presenter on the photo to go with the world star!

The meeting took place in a restaurant, where Lieke and jetteke she is responsible for at the table next to Oprah were placed. “I would never just disturbing, but it was really so,” says Lieke to RTL. “She is the best there is. And like your hair in your head, she is also real.”

The presenter is still impressed: “She is a world star, everybody has spoken and seen that you can think of. But they will just modest.”

Oprah is in London to make her movie A Wrinkle In Time to promote, where Reese Witherspoon plays.

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