John Malkovich along with Jake Gyllenhaal to see in new Netflix horror movie

Actor John Malkovic will work with Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo star in a new horror film later this year exclusively on streamingplatform Netflix. That message entertainmentmagazine Variety. The direction is in the hands of Dan Gilroy, who had previously made the oscar-nominated ‘Nightcrawler’ directed, with Gyllenhaal in a starring role.

Also the American actress Rene Russo was also seen in ‘Nightcrawler’. The broad cast is composed of a number of big names, including Malkovic, ‘Stranger Things’actress Natalia Dyer and Toni Collette, for her role in horror film ‘The Sixth Sense’ in 1999, was nominated for an Oscar. Jake Gyllenhaal is also of the party, just as the British actress Zawe Ashton. Both of them were in 2016 yet to see them together in the psychological thriller ‘Nocturnal Animals’.

The 64-year-old Malkovic think by the way is still long not to stop, because he is presently involved in two other major projects: the Netflix production ‘Bird Box’, with Sandra Bullock, and the film ‘Mile 22’, in which the American that the opponent of Mark Wahlberg.

A name for the new movie is not there yet, all speak to some sources of the “Velvet Buzzsaw’. The story will revolve around a wealthy artists and art collectors who pay a heavy price when art collides with commerce.

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