Johan Veugelers the fifth winner?

75805fa82eaa1ce7ffbac0a2e8b189c0 - Johan Veugelers the fifth winner?

The Top blow up each year for a couple of times on the roof of the Amsterdam ArenA with the biggest and nicest meezingfeest of the Netherlands. This year, they want their ranks strengthened with a new Topper.

René Froger, Gerard Joling, Jeroen van der Boom, and Jan Smit in the high-profile talent show Winner Wanted! SBS6 together in search of a new colleague who is a real Winner live will perform for 65,000 people.
Who after many selection rounds behind the scenes doorstoot to the tv shows is singer/accordionist Johan Veugelers, that after The Sunsets, a successful solo career has developed. On 24 march 2018 the viewers on SBS6 see how Johan.

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