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“It is a mistake of Ferrari to the Formula 1.”

ccb3d004800be63207f5c7de55aef333 - "It is a mistake of Ferrari to the Formula 1."

Christian Horner, the team boss of the Red Bull F1 team, is not to speak about the fact that Ferrari is threatening to use the Formula 1 to be abandoned. According to Horner, it is at Liberty Media to determine which direction the with the Formula 1 want to go, without interference from anyone.

“I think it’s not respectful towards Ross Brawn, one of the most successful engineers in the history of Formula 1,” said Red Bull team boss Christian Horner compared the Spanish ‘El Confidencial’. “I think that Liberty is good know how of the business world, and the F1 and it is up to them to decide what is best.”

Ross Brawn has worked for many years for the Ferrari F1 team and returned recently back to Formula 1 as a sporting director, the chalk lines of the future Formula 1 to help design. In that role, he tries to Liberty Media, since a little more than a year the new owner of the Formula 1, to support the attractiveness of the sport.

Horner thinks that Liberty Media independently and without influence from anyone the future of the Formula 1 must be able to define.

“It might be bad for us, or for Ferrari or Mercedes, but it is Liberty that must decide what is for Formula 1,” says Horner. “It is inevitable that there are two campaigns will be.”

“The F1 and the FIA, the rules, and then it is up to the teams to decide whether they want to be a part or not.”

Red Bull, according to Horner no influence to the future of the Formula 1 in a certain direction.

“We are going to have no impact. The world championship is managed by the FIA and the F1 and it is their job to know what they want,” says Horner.

“Of course we would like that Ferrari continues to be part of the Formula 1. It is fantastic to be at such an iconic team to compete. However, it is error for the Formula 1 in such a way to hi-jacking,” referring Horner to the threat that Ferrari recently expressed to the F1, if necessary, to leave.

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