Injured citizens to leave Eastern Ghouta

005e607f4b97759a7e1ff25d43b13796 - Injured citizens to leave Eastern Ghouta

BEIRUT – Sick and injured civilians of the Syrian rebellenenclave Eastern Ghouta leave. An officer of the rebel group known as Jaish al-Islam said that the patients Tuesday could leave after an agreement was reached about a medical evacuation. They would be on a UN list with a thousand people who urgently need medical attention.

Syrian state media reports that the first group consisted of about 35 people. Later followed other evacuees. They are to be transferred to a reception centre in the capital, Damascus. A witness told Reuters news agency that dozens of people that the area is left through the transition al-Wafideen. It went, among others, to women who have young children wore, and men on crutches.

Since the beginning of an offensive in mid-February by the Syrian army are already more than 1,100 civilians have come. The army has more than half of the area in the hands and the enclave split. Meanwhile, sleeping families in the open air in the biggest city of the area, Douma. There is no room for them in shelters.


The UN security council has previously had a truce of thirty days is required. Damascus and Moscow, however, that the cease-fire is not related to terreurorganisaties in Eastern Ghouta that the nearby capital to bombard with mortar shells.

Also on a other place in Damascus would be an evacuation on the corridor. Rebels in al-Qadam, south of the capital, would have gone to Idlib. Military Media, which is affiliated with Hezbollah, reported that about three hundred warriors of Ajnad al-Sham and their families by bus to the area left.

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