Giant ijsboog of glacier aborted without tourists

Thousands of tourists had the movement made in order to be able to see how the glacier would break off. But the national park Los Glaciares, 2,000 kilometres south-west of Buenos Aires, was closed when the natural phenomenon occurred.

The ijsboog on the top of the giant glacier Perito Moreno decided on Saturday morning around 8.40 pm on his show to begin. Every few years the original bow off and lure in the water and pouring blocks of ice, thousands of spectators to Los Glaciares.

The time of the break is always spectacular, said Luciano Bernacchi, director of the Glaciarium, a museum close to the national park, at the weekend on the transmitter TN. According to the expert it is a natural phenomenon for this type of glacier. The glacier reserves in other words its average size, in contrast to other shrinking.

The phenomenon occurs every two to four years since 2004. The sixteen years before that it was not done. The last time was in 2016.

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