Ghent peeping father and popular guitarist

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Ghent – The 41-year-old Mike D. that is suspected the peeping of Ghent, appears to be the father of a daughter, it specialist, and a popular guitarist.

Ghent Peeping is the father of a daughter

Mike was yesterday arrested in Zwijnaarde. The police think the man to address to have those cameras installed and women in the shower filmed and the footage is then posted online.

The suspect appears to also be a coach of a Gent vechtsportclub, where two women were victims, writes het Nieuwsblad.

“It will not. It will not be someone from us?” At the Ghent vechtsportclub where Mike D. since one year a coach is, they were there yesterday morning not convinced. After Sunday come to know that two ladies of the club filmed were under the shower of the sports facilities of the Ghent university HoGent, got the clubleiding to the police. “To file a complaint.”

But the voyeur, who himself is on the internet dgreedb called, had in the meantime a lot about themselves. That he the video was made on may 22 last year. That he was a member of the club. That day he had been training for, but ten minutes before the end was left to stand in the dameskleedkamers to hide.

“I would be with the best will in the world, can’t remember who it is,” responded the president this weekend. “I hope that she can find. Because he needs help: that guy is sick.”

The Ghent criminal investigation department had at that time in all the silence all of a suspect in the cell sit. Sunday night they had a 22-year-old young man from Nazareth arrested. Someone from the environment of the victims, as it sounds, whose initials appear to dgreedb being. But Mike D. gave that young man inadvertently an alibi.

Monday morning, logged he to 7.36 hours again on the infamous web site where he previously his videos. At 13.20 hours logged, he still once in. Perhaps he wanted a few images to delete, so as to cover his tracks. Also Facebook – and Twitter was yesterday cleared. Ironically, he just puts the attention, according to The Newspaper.

D. it was yesterday afternoon to 16 hours at home in Zwijnaarde arrested. He is today the examining magistrate led. The 22-year-old defendant was late last night by the investigating judge again sent home.

Mike D. is the father of a daughter, and lives separately from his ex-wife. He is a popular figure in the Ghent nightlife. As a guitarist he was at the forefront of a well-known and popular Gent rock band. There he was eventually thrown out, because he is too little to the rehearsals came.

“Mike was always very seriously,” said a member of the band. “Seriously, almost. If the men all agree on the fine ladies, then he did not.”

The employer of Mike D., a small Belgian it company, responded yesterday afternoon surprised at the news of his arrest. “He can’t come to work, but that in itself was not abnormal.”

Also there is Mike D. of victims. He was secretly films of the secretary, and of another woman he is his ‘crush’ called.

In a total of at least four women filed a complaint with the court, because they think that they are by Mike D. filmed and then to see.

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