German bond intervenes in football

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FRANKFURT – Horst Hrubesch must ensure that the German football world cup next year in France. The German federation DFB has coach Steffi Jones fired, and hopes that the women with Hrubesch along the line qualify for the global finals. Jones (45) was last year already under fire after the early elimination at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in the Netherlands, but nevertheless decided the DFB when her contract extension and with the world cup 2019.

Horst Hrubesch

The German football was, for many years a leader in Europe, but that status has been eroded. In the world cup qualification took home the team of Jones, a rare defeat against Iceland (2-3). The German federation decided to intervene after the football recently also teleurstelden on a oefentoernooi in the United States. Ex-international Jones, who is himself in 2003 with her country and the world title conquered, must yield to Hrubesch.

The 66-year-old German has been working for many years in the league as coach of the national youth teams. The former striker led the olympic team to the silver medal at the Olympics of 2016 in Rio.

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