Frank Lammers directs All Stars-musical

6e8638fff8558379a2d44eea6bc7880b - Frank Lammers directs All Stars-musical

Frank Lammers is designated as the director of the women of the film All Stars. That has a theatre producer KemnaSenf Tuesday announced. Lammers played one of the roles in the final season of the tv series about a group of soccer friends, that after the film was made.

Lammers directed before the movie Or I’m crazy and the musical dreams are only Dreams, for which he has a Musical Award was given. “I have said that I like to do things which I know not whether I may,” he responds. “But I know now that to direct me, and very important, that my heart will beat faster. In addition, All Stars have a special place in my heart and I can’t wait for the musical is just as great a success as the film.”

All Stars the musical is like the film a humorous story about friendship, adult be and stick to carefree voetbaluurtjes on Sunday morning. Because also in the musical is the weekly game of soccer for the friends of the Bram, Mark, Johnny, Peter, Paul, Willem, and Hero the most uncomplicated time of the week. The cast members of the All Stars will be announced soon.

The musical will premiere on 14 October in the new Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam.

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