Former player of FC Twente suspected of armed robberies

eb6dba02c0444c8009ad29168ce8fa3a - Former player of FC Twente suspected of armed robberies

A former player of FC Twente, is suspected of committing five armed robberies.

Ismail H’Maidat in the shirt of Westerlo.

That reports the Belgian newspaper The Latest News. The 23-year-old Ismail H’Maidat (born in Enschede, and to his twelfth active in the youth academy of FC Twente, is suspected of five armed robberies.


H’Maidat would be his career new life go back to at Westerlo, which leads to the second level in Belgium. “But we have him at the beginning of January layoffs, after a whole series of disciplinary matters”, says Wim van Hove, general counselor of Westerlo. “Too late, or not show up to training, illness without doctor’s certificate, that sort of thing.”

What the Belgian club did not know, was that the Dutch Moroccan in the crime empty was hit. In mid-February, had H’Maidat for the court in Turnhout appear. According to The Latest News was the player to five robberies to link them, including one at a petrol station, a supermarket and a casino.

After H’Maidat at Twente was sent away, played in the midfield under more for Turnhout, belgium, RC Genk, Leuven, Anderlecht, Crystal Palace and AS Roma.

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