Fifth season for ‘Jane The Virgin’?

cffd07ae883476ee07ded66d47a468f1 - Fifth season for 'Jane The Virgin'?

‘Jane The Virgin’ will have a fifth and final season. That left actress Gina Rodriguez know at the South By Southwest festival in Austin.

The actress of the comedyserie told that they next year the final season will be filming. They announced the fact when she was in an interview was about the idea of itself going to do more directing. Rodriguez directed in the fourth season one episode, giving them the taste.

The U.s. channel The CW, “Jane The Virgin” in the States is broadcasting, launched, however, still no official announcement about a new season. But given the ratings, there will be a fifth season.

For who ‘Jane The Virgin’ do not know, the series is about a young woman who is a virgin wants to stay till her marriage but accidentally inseminated. The series went to start in 2014. Rodriguez won the 2015 Golden Globe for her role as Jane.

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