Father Sandra Reemer died

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Nine months after the tragic death of Sandra Reemer is now also her father died. French Reemer died Tuesday morning at at the age of 98 in his home town Sint-Michielsgestel. Fashion designer Addy van den Krommenacker, who was good friends with Sandra and her family, remembers French as a special man.

Sandra Reemer with her parents.

“It is, of course, all very emotional and sad, in such a short time”, says Addy to The Telegraph. “For family and friends is a huge blow. French was a special man, and Sandra was so fond of her parents. They were just everything to her. Her father played an important role in her career. So he brought her in the beginning everywhere; he was a kind of manager for her. And also, if I am with Sandra, returned home, then was pa always with her in the garden working, or he did chores in the house.”

Sandra Reemer with her good friend Addy van den Krommenacker.

Sandra Reemer died on June 6 last year at the age of 66 on the consequences of breast cancer. “That has, of course, quite at hacked”, the fashion designer further. “Expect you never, of course, that your daughter had previously been ‘going’. That was a huge grief. It is also just a little unreal, when you look back on such a short time. How that all goes. Also to myself. Sandra, I am still every day. It is very strange when someone incredibly close to you is suddenly gone. That is why it is so difficult to process.”

French Reemer during the National remembrance day on the Dam square in Amsterdam.

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