Fans Harry Styles may not sleep outside

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Young female fans of Harry Styles can no longer spend the night at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, where the British singer Wednesday occurs. The fans are turned away by the enforcers of the municipality. Some fans were already there since Monday.

A police spokesman stressed that it is prohibited to place on the public road to sleep. The municipality and the police together decided that they are overnight fans no longer allow. They don’t want a precedent for the next concerts of other artists and bands.

“Yesterday, there were five this afternoon, all 25. They call each other through social media, ’come here, because it is nice here’. That we find perfectly during the day, we don’t want to be a spoilsport, but we don’t allow them sleeping mats, blankets and pillows to take with you. Then we send them away,” says the politiewoordvoerder. It can be overnight to cool down to 2 degrees. The police don’t want the girls hypothermic or become a victim of theft. In november, Styles in the AFAS Live. More than a hundred fans slept when outside.

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