Eva home cooked apple pie ’people, not burden’ with baby

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Eva home cooked apple pie is not planning the details of her pregnancy with the whole of the Netherlands. That told the presenter, who Monday announced that her first child is coming in The World Runs By.

“This is something I can no longer hide, so I tell it of course. But further details, since I want people not burden them.” Eva showed nothing about when the baby is expected. Also she said nothing about the consequences for her talk show, which from 4 June to 21 september and again in the tv guides. “In any case I am there or we are there, 4 June.”

With the schedule of home cooked apple pie, Eva “of course not taken into account. “That also can not at all. My parents have always told me: a child never comes out, so just do it if you want and then you will always be a solution. We can help you with it.”

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