Don Diablo launches own currency

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Don Diablo comes with its own digital currency. The Dutch dj launched Monday at the South by Southwest festival in Texas the Hexcoin, reports the American musician magazine Billboard.

Don Diablo

With the Hexcoin fans can get access to the digital world that dj has created, Hexagonia. There is the special currency, music and merchandise available for purchase, but visitors can also against payment, participate in a virtual world and augmented reality.

“As a maker of electronic music, I’m always engaged with technology and the link to my art and the world beyond,” says Don Diablo in a press release where Billboard from quotes. “With Hexcoin and Hexagonia, I see a future in which the boundaries between fan, artist and technology fades, and creativity in a powerful, measurable way.” The dj calls his virtual world “the next step of technology in music”.

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