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Digital muziekverkoop continues to grow

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The stream of music continues in our country more popular than listening to music via cd. That is according to figures from the Belgian Entertainment Association (BEA).

With 54 percent was the online muziekverkoop for the first time accounted for more than half of the muziekverkoop. Thirteen percent of them were downloads, 41 percent were streaming. That is, a turning point, since, in 2016, cd, vinyl and dvd is still more than half of the market share.


In comparison with our neighbouring countries, our country slower to embrace streaming, but the umbrella organization predicts a further rise in the future. “The strong support of the record companies and the streamingaanbieders ensure that the music lover has been more and more aware of its existence. We expect a further growth of this service,’ says managing director Pieter Swaelens.

Also, minister of the Digital Agenda and Telecom Alexander De Croo (Open VLD) believes that the future lies with online music. ‘Streaming is more popular than the cd. The importance of music streaming to artists and the music industry will only increase.’

However, the success of the online music, the cd’s, dvd’s and vinyl records completely in the tribulation to come. Although they lost market share, they are still nearly 47 percent of the sales. The sales of the vinyl record is in two years ‘ time even doubled, to almost six million euros.

The total muziekverkoop showed a slight decrease of 1.8 percent compared to 2016.


On the list of the ten albums sold from 2017, the second to the eighth place for Belgian artists. They had only Ed Sheeran is a step behind. The album of the artists from the tv program ‘Love for music 2017’ is two, the debut of Niels Destadsbader on three. Clouseau, Oscar and the Wolf, Bazart, Bart Peeters and K3 complete the list.

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