Children and career; this said, Eve home cooked apple pie before about

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The question that many people involved: the pregnant Eva home cooked apple pie in June, just back on the tray with her talk show, home cooked apple pie? And how long are they full?

Eva home cooked apple pie is fond of her career, in which they already have a Silver Televizier-star won and Omroepvrouw of the Year 2017.

Eva home cooked apple pie announced yesterday that she is pregnant. It made the tongues loose and one question stuck to it remain unanswered: how are home cooked apple pie in June to do as her daily talk show on NPO1 start again? Calculations were made, and on that basis, it seems that home cooked apple pie turns up very pregnant at the presentatietafel would have to take a seat.

Nothing going on so, concludes tv colleague Bridget Maasland. When RTL took them last night clear statement: “Also turns up very pregnant Eva can certainly do a program to present it.” And that also seems to be the plan of the Eva itself, with no word repte about any consequences of her pregnancy on her daily talk show. In an earlier interview from 2016 with Marlijn Weerdenburg, that for her docuserie The Wandering Thirties an episode made with the theme: I Am ready for a child?, said the blonde presenter resolute: “No, of course I did not kick the brakes in my career for a man and a child. Boring! I would one hundred percent for my career, and one hundred percent for my child.”

Or the Omroepvrouw of the Year 2017 and winner of the Silver Televizier-star, can continue to maintain, now they have a daily show, they gradually all day is going to run, and next summer a baby in the world brings? Time will tell. In the same interview, she shared the wise words of her parents: “A child never comes out. You take just one if you want and fits you to the situation.” She has, in any case, her tv bosses fixed informed, know Private.

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