Chantal Janzen is sight for the blind

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Chantal Janzen, is committed for the blind and visually impaired in the Netherlands. The 39-year-old tv presenter and actress is one of the faces of the action Blind for 1 day of the Oogfonds. Also Rick Brandsteder, Charly Luske and Anky van Grunsven help.

Chantal Janzen

“More and more Dutch people have an eye disease. Unfortunately, I have been in my vicinity to do with it,” says Chantal. She hopes that she on the 21st of June, the national day of action, as much money as possible know to pick up for research into eye diseases.

Writer Ronald Giphart is an ambassador of the Oogfonds, and has to do with the eye disease macular degeneration. His father had suffered from the same disease. “What began as a blurry spot in the middle of my father’s vision was always bigger than that, he is an important part of his sight was missing. I notice there is still nothing of, but what do I need to get my sight drops?”, ask Giphart. At this moment there is still no treatment for many eye disorders.

Live In the Netherlands 350.000 visually impaired and blind people. When participating in Blind for 1 day challenge, you get a package with a special pair of glasses to yourself to experience how it is to have little to nothing to see.

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