By surgery can Clean Bandit and not to America

85ba32e4d3769c21e3d1aea2b61a6901 - By surgery can Clean Bandit and not to America

The British group Clean Bandit has his American tour cancelled. Drummer Luke Patterson has a foot injury and needs to go under the knife, he made known via Twitter.

Clean Bandit

Luke has been for some years suffering from his foot. No single treatment is turned on, so that he need an operation. “With me it will be good again, but that does mean, however, that our American tour must cancel. We regret greatly. We all had very much meaning to see you,” he writes in a message to the fans.

The time that is now released will the members of Clean Bandit to use to make new music. In addition to Luke the group consists of his brother, Jack Patterson and Grace Chatto. In the Netherlands scored the trio of major hits with songs like Rather Be, Rockabye, Symphony, and I Miss You.

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