Busquets: ‘Wait? That does He not’

21e8ba1ed6df5c6e21ef57655a07ca90 - Busquets: 'Wait? That does He not'

After the 1-1 at Stamford Bridge, Barcelona in the quarter-final of the Champions League against Chelsea is enough to a goalless draw.

Sergio Busquets tries Kevin Gameiro from Atletico Madrid to stop.

The club is not, however, own the there on to to. “We want to have the ball, attack and create chances,” said midfielder Sergio Busquets. “Wait do we not normally.”

However, he expects that the heavy. “Chelsea is in all respects a formidable opponent. It plays compact, little space away, and has very dangerous attackers. We must not only as a team attacks, but also as a team to defend. Then we have a good chance. Our starting point is, however, always play for the win.”

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