Businessman, politician and friend of Putin

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In Greece is an arrest warrant issued against the president of football club PAOK Saloniki. Ivan Savvidis is already a multimillionaire who bake have invested money in the Greek economy and the well with Putin and Tsipras, that he with a gun in his pocket the football field oprende, there was too much.

Ivan Ingatievitsj Savvidis seems to be on his 58th still full of ambition. In politics, In business or in football, if we may rely on the images of the match between …

Ivan Ingatievitsj Savvidis seems to be on his 58th still full of ambition. In politics, In business or in football, if we may rely on the images of the match between PAOK and AEK Athens last weekend. During the tumultuous end of that race ran into the president of PAOK with his bodyguards on the field to meet the referee to make it clear that he disagreed with some of his decisions. The images that showed that he had a gun in his pocket, went around the world.

Savvidis is not the first the best. He grew up in Georgia, then part of the Soviet Union, in a family with Greek roots. After his military service he went to Rostov-on-Don to work in the local sigarettenfabriek. He climbed steadily on in the company, and came, after the privatisation, in 1993, the head of Donskoy Tabak. Together with his wife Kiriyaki is he still the majority shareholder in that tabaksmultinational.

He explained, however, not all of his eggs in the same basket: in 2004, he founded Agrokom, a holding company which also has its interests in agrobusiness, food industry and media promotes and has grown to become one of the largest Russian private companies.

Party pulling for Putin and Tsipras

Meanwhile, found Savvidis is still time to have a political career to build. First, at the local level in Rostov, then also at the national level. In 2003 he won even one seat in the state Duma, the Russian parliament, United Russia. That is the party of president Vladimir Putin, who he allegedly did to his friends you can count. In 2012 he became not, however, be re-elected. In between, he founded his own charity, religious projects, with the aim of ‘traditional values’ to promote.

He expanded his zakenimperium also from outside the Russian borders. In Greece he invested more heavily in the port of Thessaloniki. Savvidis and the many millions which he invests, are happy to welcome guests from the Greek government. A love that is mutual it seems. As he pressed the Greeks already on the heart that they prime minister Alexis Tsipras not be allowed to drop. Tsipras made him also think of Putin – a very favorable comparison in the eyes of Savvidis, a confirmation that the Kremlin’s grip on Greece is trying to strengthen in the eyes of his critics.

Football fan

Savvidis is not only interested in politics and business, he is also a soccer. From 2002 to 2005 he was president of FC Rostov, a team that under his rule once the final of the Russian cup and managed to play a final which was lost against Spartak Moscow).

In 2012 he bought a majority stake in the Greek first division PAOK Saloniki. With that club he hopes well established in the Greek football as Olympiakos and Panathinaikos, the fire, the shins and, after more than thirty years, even the championship. That he so far wants to go, he showed last weekend, even through the field to storms.

In the meantime, he apologized, but he explained his action by emphasizing that his intention was to further rioted in the bud.

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