British mediawaakhond point arrows on RT

59f4cc627ca64ede1448d957dc67684a - British mediawaakhond point arrows on RT

LONDON – The British mediawaakhond Ofcom is considering the license of the Russian news channel RT at the light. If it turns out that Moscow is responsible for the zenuwgasaanval on a double agent and his daughter, that would be according to the supervisor, can have consequences for the transmitter.

Parliamentarians have Ofcom called the station from the air. The watchdog said in a statement that it has a duty to verify that licensees be “suitable”. Ofcom said further announcements of the prime minister May await. “Then we will see what the consequences are for the uitzendlicenties of RT”, says the supervisor, according to The Guardian.

RT, the former Russia Today, responded angrily at the commotion. “It is unfortunate to see that RT as soon as a political pawn to advance, is pushed to be sacrificed,” said a spokeswoman at the newspaper. “This is the freedom of the press in the United Kingdom in one fell swoop pushed aside.”

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