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Bondsparket late prosecution of Standard-midfielder Mpoku fall

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The office of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association), the prosecution for the Standard midfielder Paul-José Mpoku abandoned. That tweetten the Rouches Tuesday and was confirmed by bondsprocureur Marc Rubens.

At the beginning of march, the belgian football association that Mpoku for the tumult after the top match against Club Brugge (1-1) for the Dispute had to appear. The vicekapitein of the Rouches was not to speak about a number of tricky stages and made his displeasure known to the referee, Alexandre Boucaut. In its wake followed all the players of the Rouches, which the stewards had to intervene to Boucaut to foreclose.

Boucaut took the incidents in his item and devoted attention to Mpoku, on the one hand, but also to “the general attitude of the team Standard”. On the basis of club and player continued by the Bondsparket.

Basically had to Mpoku and Standard fri night for the arbitration board to appear, but the Bondsparket cancels the persecutions.

The reason for this lies in a decision of the disputes committee Appeals around the racismedossiers of Club Bruges, that his acquittal was on the basis of a reduced. “There is of the Bondsparket now expected that we have a signed summons to submit to the clerk of the court. That is new. The prosecution of Standard and Mpoku is not yet that way happened. It has so little meaning to the prosecution to continue,” said bondsprocureur Marc Rubens to Belga.

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