Bobbi Eden open about her vagina

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The vagina is Friday the most discussed topic on the table at coffee time. The programme is fully in the character of the female genitals, thus announces RTL.

Bobbi Eden says in Koffietijdover her vagina

In the past two years had Koffietijd even a theme week about the vagina to be the subject of more discussion. That is now no longer necessary. “We have already twice been extensive attention paid to the taboo. Now is the time to the vagina to celebrate,” said the Coffeebreak-presentatrices. Under more Bobbi Eden and Emma Wortelboer come to on their vagina to tell.

In 5 Hours Live is the attention Friday is precisely focused on the male genitals. Presenter Daphne Bunskoek talks about it with Jan Heemskerk, Eddy Zoëy, Charly Luske and Johan Goossens.

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