Beloved pregnant Roxeanne Hazes has the heavy

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Erik Zwennes has yet to become a father, but the sleepless nights aren’t strange to him. The labelboss from sleep, being held by his upcoming Roxeanne Hazes.

Roxeanne Hazes with partner Erik Zwennes

Roxeanne snores ’intensely hard’ as a result of her pregnancy and that she left Monday to hear on Instagram. “I sleep very good. Erik has black circles and has included the making”, wrote Roxeanne at the sound. “I always say it is this: yes, life is not a currant bun.”

The singer shared a snapshot of “probably our last holiday together”. “Our baby was still a small framboosje and I could still sleep on my abdomen. Now I have to not only 86 times my nest to urinate, but Erik also. I come there without help, not more.”

Roxeanne comes to the conclusion that Erik is the but heavy has with her. “So I think actually that the men of pregnant women much heavier. Respect.”

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