Barry Hay is daily, six times strange in his head’

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Barry Hay, the 69-year-old frontman of the local band The Golden Earring, is faithful to his wife Sandra. Still, he thinks many other women.

In conversation with VIVA tells Hay that he “six times a day vreemdgaat”. “But then in my head, you know.”

The singer also says often against the corresponding ladies that he has certain thoughts about them. “As of:” Jesus Loes, I have tonight crazy about you dream, we were busy, not normal!’ Then I press the blush on the cheeks.”

His wife Sandra is laughing about and gave Hay even once permission to go out with a model.

“‘She is a bit younger than you, do you do not for each other,” she said. Increasingly I went with that lady, and it was nicer, but there never happened something. Still found Sandra the link. When she has forbidden me with her to go out.”

Hay is often inhibited by his wife, especially if he is in excesses”. “Sometimes she pours all the beverage bottles empty. Or she pulls packets of cocaine by the toilet. Then I stand there crestfallen in addition, as a small boy that spanking has had.”


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