Arnold Schwarzenegger wants oil companies to sue for murder

b6798d3d71ff647411057ea4c0f24c10 - Arnold Schwarzenegger wants oil companies to sue for murder

Arnold Schwarzenegger is planning the big oil companies for the right to drag. According to the actor and former governor of California make the companies themselves are guilty of murder.

“The oil companies knew in 1959 that the earth would warm as a result of the use of fossil fuels”, explained the ‘governator’ during the festival SXSW from to Politico.

According to Schwarzenegger to know the companies, moreover, that “it represents a danger to human life, that it’s lethal”.

The actor and environmentalist draws a parallel to the lawsuits against the tobacco industry. “In my opinion, it is absolutely irresponsible to not have the warning label on your product to paste, if you know that it’s lethal.”

Schwarzenegger is of the opinion that there are warning labels on cars and petrol stations.


When Schwarzenegger to the court, is not yet clear. That the actor is serious about, though. “I see no difference: if you have a room together and you know that you have someone to bring, is that murder. In my opinion, it is the same with the oil companies.”


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