Also U.S. suspects Russia of poison spy

46e7991e12b0a86e3d0c2ea422252c87 - Also U.S. suspects Russia of poison spy

WASHINGTON – The United States stand behind the British authorities to Russia provisionally responsible for the poisoning of the former Russian double agent and his daughter. Let that minister Rex Tillerson Monday know.

In a statement Tillerson that Russia “probably responsible” for the attack on Sergei (66) and Yulia Skripal (33) in the South of England last week Sunday. According to the minister, to both those who have the attack have committed as those who have given “serious consequences” face.

The British prime minister, Theresa May considers it very likely that Russia is behind the attack and the Russian ambassador on the mat is called. The Russian ministry of Foreign Affairs finds the allegations about the poison, “a circus.”

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