Actor Shia LaBeouf has regretted outbursts of anger

0e93e1351b118416b17ef4715aaa769a - Actor Shia LaBeouf has regretted outbursts of anger

Shia LaBeouf, who last year was sentenced to a suspended one-year prison sentence, regrets his misconduct that led to his arrest.

“My outbursts are also my flaws,” says the 31-year-old Transformersactor, in conversation with the magazine Esquire.

“I need that failures under eyes see and my take responsibility for the misery I’ve caused you.”

In July asked the actor, who at that moment was drunk, an unknown person to a cigarette. When he’s not got it he started cursing at bystanders. He was then asked to leave, but gave no hearing, and was aggressive against an agent. Then wanted the agent LaBeouf arrest. That failed, because the actor ran away to a hotel. He could still be held.


The court determined that the actor, a fine had to pay, and to his alcohol abuse had to work. Also, he received a suspended sentence of one year. In addition, he had to be in therapy for aggressive behavior.

According to the actor, it takes some time before he took his acting seriously able to pick it up and he must to operate alone.

“I try to remain creative and of my own mistakes to learn. For a long time I thought that life was subject to art. And then you realize that you’re not creative you are without also to life. Now, I try to especially on my life to rights,” said the actor who is soon to be seen is as tennis player John McEnroe in the Borg/McEnroe.


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