Activists filming kippenleed in Flanders

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BRUSSELS – Activists from Gaia in the secret video footage (see below) of the living conditions of chickens in six major farming systems in Flanders. Dieronterend, the organization. According to Gaia, even the minimum legal standards are not complied with.

Gaia accused supermarket chains of complicity in the abuses. Because they are extremely popular at ’absurdly low prices’ offer, work that grocery stores participate in organized animal cruelty ’on repulsive large-scale and industrial kippenuitbuiting, writes the organisation.

The images of creperende and crippled chickens with sores, blisters and wounds were made between October and december 2017. The filmed practices would be representative for the whole industry. “The sector used an endless pure kippenras – the plofkip – meant to be in the shortest possible time, as much as possible meat to produce.”

The Belgian ‘quality label’ Belplume is according to Gaia a “laughing stock.” “The common industrial method of production of chicken meat is a true disaster for the well-being of 300 million Belgian broilers and do the animals to unacceptable suffering.”

Note: the images can be shocking to be experienced.

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