Activists: ’Bruno Mars steals black music’

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Suddenly, the music of Bruno Mars is up for discussion, after an activist him in a YouTube discussion accused of the benefit of traditional black music.

Won In January Bruno Mars a Grammy Award for his album 24K Magic

The YouTube channel The Grapevine map African-American issues, and stated in a recent episode, the question of whether Bruno Mars is mistakenly a different culture appropriated by the use of traditional black music. Writer and activist Generously Sensei Aishitemasu thought it could. She suggested: “Bruno Mars has 100% of the culture itself. He is not black, not, and he takes advantage of his racial ambiguity to genres to mix.”

The Grammy-winner, whose Jewish father from Puerto Rico and whose mother is from the Philippines, is known to he different styles of music together to mix and makes particular use of the traditional African-American styles such as funk, soul, R&B, hip-hop and reggae. But according to the activist he steals the music. “He picks up just existing work and rewrites it word for word.” According to her, he is nothing better than a karaokezanger. The activist found acclaim, but also tegengeluiden of black singers from her point of view distanced themselves form.

’Rod Stewart’

So wrote Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King: “I want to take a practical approach: people say now that Bruno Mars would not need to sing? Or that when he sings, his music in one way or another what is ’whiter’ should make so more like Rod Stewart sounds? No, seriously, what kind of music should this man make?”.

R&B singer Charlie Wilson, whose music Bruno Mars would copy for the wereldartiest. “He brings that classic New Jack/R&B sound back to the masses, where the years ago, for death is left behind when it is difficult for artists to sound again on the radar of the masses.”

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