5.000 inhabitants, and one of them was a pedophile serial killer

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Still no 5.000 inhabitants in the Swiss Rupperswil. However, the municipality across the country in the ban. Because this week, the trial will take place about a quadruple murder that is committed.

Few knew until 2015, the Swiss Rupperswil. It was an anonymous commune in the canton of Aargau, and was on the Aare river. Yes, there were some tourists, but for the rest? Life as usual.

The life changed …

Few knew until 2015, the Swiss Rupperswil. It was an anonymous commune in the canton of Aargau, and was on the Aare river. Yes, there were some tourists, but for the rest? Life as usual.

Life changed on december 21, 2015. The emergency services were called to a fire. The fire department found after putting out four charred bodies. Soon it was clear that it was not to ordinary victims of the fire, but to be victims of murder: a woman of 49 (Carla Schauer), her sons 13 and 19 (Davin and Dion) and a/the friend of the eldest of the two sons (Simona Fäs), that the misfortune had, at the wrong time in the wrong place.

What we now know about the events?

On 21 december 2015 called Thomas N. (then 32) with Carla Schauer. He introduced himself as a psychology assistant at the school where Davin took lessons. To identify himself, he gave the mother a card for. Self made on the pc. Sebastian Meier, school psychologist, insisted. The reason of the visit was the suicide of a schoolgenoot as a result of mobbing, in which the son, as one of the ‘treiteraars’ was called. Reason enough for the bewildered mother to Sebastian Meier to ask, especially because he has a letter with him in which the school asked him who to investigate.

Thomas N. took immediately Davin as a hostage, forced the mother to her oldest son and his girlfriend to tie (with material that he himself is in a backpack with him) and forcing her to have money to collect from atms. The woman did that, but gave no alarm, because she thought that she was in the holes was held. They came home with 1,000 euros and a further 10,000 Swiss franc (8.500 euro), after which she was also tied up.

The rest of the story is brief, but dramatic: Thomas N. transgressed on Davin, made pictures with his cell phone, cut off the four occupants of the throat and lit the house on fire to cover his tracks. At 11.19 pm, three hours after the fact, called a neighbour, the fire brigade when the smoke from the house of the Schauers saw coming.

For months there was no trace of the perpetrator. There were DNA traces and fingerprints, but 650 tips and a reward of 100,000 Swiss francs (more than 85,000) euros yielded nothing. Flyers with photos of Carla Schauer at the time that they have the money before you left with a machine that remained without consequence, just as the extraction of the images of dashcambeelden from cars.

With the money on vacation

According to the indictment drew Thomas N. after the quadruple murder on a vacation. A city trip to Paris, a ski holiday. Furthermore, he gave the money from the purchase of name brand clothing, and vet bills for his dogs.

But in the meantime, he planed new crimes: on his pc, he looked for guys who seemed to be on Davin. Eleven he found there. He wrote their names, their schools, their homes. In January 2016, he began the ins and outs of some of them from close to follow. Several times it was established that the families in question on their fixed phone had called. And in his notaboekje were comments such as: ‘Di, 7.40 pm, everyone is home and awake.” The scenario would be the same: a letter from the school, a robbery, a rape of a minor, murder and arson.

On 11 may 2016, he took the car of his mother and drove to his next victims. For a reason still unknown, he saw his plan. The day after was Thomas N. picked up.

How did the police at the suspect?

That is never really disclosed. There is a gsm-research, where the data of about 30,000 mobile phone users were examined on the conscious 21 december 2005 in the vicinity of the conscious home found.

On may 12, 2016 Thomas N. arrested in a Starbucks in Aarau, a small town near Rupperswil. He resisted not, there is a match with the DNA and the fingerprints. He laid the same day confessions. The man was already three days intensely shadowed. During a search, it was in a backpack, a material found to be victims to tie.

What has been the offender known?

That he was at least a double life led. Thomas N. was especially known as a man that nothing fell in. He lived with his mother in Rupperswil, a few hundred meters from the house of his victims. She had believed him in everything he said. When he told me that his studies of history were closed, and he master of science degree at the university of Bern, she believed that. Actually, he had been in the vicinity broken and he was with equally little success to a training to become a doctor began. Five times began, and he stopped with higher studies.

He introduced himself to certificates of universities and forged signatures of rectors and deans to be more probative value to give. A business card and a letter from a school preparation, therefore, was for him a cinch.

What was found: the pedophile’s collection of Thomas N. On his pc, memory sticks, and external hard drive were 1000 videos and more than 10,000 photos with child pornography found.

And now the process

The process opened today in Lenzburg, under immense public interest. 65 journalists, several thousand curious people have reported. Per seat but 35 ‘disaster tourists’ are allowed.

Because the courtroom of too small was found, it is moved to a different room. The first day was in the sign of the personality of Thomas N. Psychiatrists were today in their perception of the offender sketches.

They had a severe personality disorder, life in a world of appearances, about sticking to a system that he himself had created. And the question remains as to how Thomas N. in one and a half years could change someone that the neighbours went to inform that he is with friends in the garden to the soccer world cup went to have a look, and perhaps noisy could to draw near, to a multi-roofmoordenaar and a pedophile. Thomas N. itself early to a therapeutic punishment, not imprisonment. A therapy may, but shall at least ten years, ‘ responded one of the psychiatrists.

Renate Senn, the advocate of the accused, said in her opening speech that they don’t need the images that her client made on 21 december 2015 during the session to show.


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