YouTuber is empty Eurostar train

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Valenciennes is A French vlogger in the neighbourhood of Valenciennes, an abandoned Eurostar train discovered.

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The railcar is approximately ten kilometres from the Belgian border. The Eurostar 3018, which is no longer in use since 2014, has 13 cars and two buffetwagens.

Some parts of the train are still fully intact. There are even magazines on the chairs, apparently left by the last travelers.

The train between 1994 and 2014 reed between Brussels, Paris and London and is largely intact, although vandals apparently already some parts demolished.

Youtuber AdcaZz from Paris specializes in finding abandoned places.

He finds it outrageous that the train was ’abandoned’ is laid. “Much of the material can be reused.”

Eurostar said in a response to French media that the train was provisionally parked to later have to be scrapped.

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