Who says for the first time, “I love you” in Blind Married?

bfe64d3cd7247bc7c89171e4b31ff5e1 - Who says for the first time, "I love you" in Blind Married?

“Normal life, is, again, a new chapter”, says Marjolein. The five Blind Married couples are in a new phase of the experiment starts: the cohabitation. With still four weeks to go, the first “I love you”. But to whom?

Mike and Kathy sit back on the right road after a few in-depth conversations and advice from expert Alexander Witpas. They talk to themselves from now on to focus on the positive points. And any negative just a few short moments in the future immediately in the bud, makes Mike a surprise for Marjorie.

“About feelings, you allows you to be vulnerable. If I can avoid talking, I would rather not have,” says Esther. Her greatest fear is to be injured. Tim wants her, however, a original way to make clear what there is in him mind.

Also Aljosja has a surprise for Dear. “Flowers, she will like that, or soggy? So I thought: I’m going to just red roses buy. That is superklef, but so cheesy that it’s funny.” How does Dear on his romantic gesture?

“Our household is keipraktisch, that runs really keivlot. The only thing not running smoothly is when I cook, because Three is not just is to not have to cook. Then you see that are really just very lost in the kitchen, what should I do now, I have nothing to do. That’s still comical to see.” It seems just about the only concern to be at the home Show, and Three, or not? Their ochtendroutines are not so compatible, now they are both back at work.

Stewardess Wendy and Damiano will each other two days not to see, as Wendy for the work abroad. She is used to a breakfast for Damiano, so that they each can see before she leaves.

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