Who is there to play in the Lions ‘ den?

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The lions verlekkeren on fresh blood. In a new episode of lion’s den, we meet with the smart sharing concept invented by the founding fathers Jo Nachtergaele, Stijn, Jeroen and Dieter: a speelgoedbox with a subscription, Pure Pleasure.

With Pure Pleasure, there is always a box in the house with the best toys, carefully selected by experts and tailored to the age and needs of your child. When everyone is finished, ask for a new box and give you the old back. Thus, you prevent in addition, that you wardrobes bulge with unused toys. Easy, isn’t it?

You can speelgoedbox get on one of their fixed wisselpunten or you leave him at home to deliver. At this point, the majority of customers for the latter. Because of these high expenses is their profit margin at this time very low. They aspire now to within 2 years to break-even to run with 1300 customers, in the hope afterwards to be able to grow.

The brothers Tinus and Tommy (Aartselaar) are next in line. They have the ambition to get everyone on a quick and smooth way of toothaches to redeem. The brothers came together an online platform where dentists their free moments to offer people with acute toothaches quickly to be able to help. Major advantage: the patient should not be unnecessarily rondbellen for an appointment.

The 42-year-old Katrien Pauwels (Ninove) is in the world of entrepreneurship is not to her advantage. So stamped them in 2008, with success, her own coffee shop ‘Or ‘ Coffee’ from the ground. Meanwhile, counts her company’s 4 sites, but nevertheless, she is looking better and more. Katrien wants to be with her new company finally own green coffee beans to import. Therefore, they ensure the sustainability and quality of her product and she can also earn more money. Something that our lions always will want to hear. Passion and ambitious plans, clearly does not lack. And to achieve Katrien looking for 125,000 euros. In exchange, she is prepared to 25% of the shares. But less than a fourth of her new company. But is the hunger and the thirst of the Lions to appease?
Andy year of birth from Knesselare is at the end of the turn. What two years ago started a recording studio, and organizing workshops in music production, has become a set of services in the music industry. But the ambitions of this musical twenties are great and he can have some extra financial support best to use…

Lion’s den, Tuesday, march 13, to 21u35 on FOUR.

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