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‘We are at risk of the web is used as a weapon can be”

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It is getting worse as the worldwide web. This warns the inventor in an open letter and in an interview with the Financial Times.

On march 12, we celebrate the birthday of the world wide web, that this year 29. But the inventor himself, the British computer scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee, seizes the opportunity not to have a party. Instead, he calls on to fight against the danger of the web more and more suffering: the dominance of a few major players.

‘Once it was the web a rich selection of blogs and websites, but who are today quashed by a handful of dominant platforms’, writes Berners-Lee in an open letter on his website. Such a letter, he writes not for the first time. At the 28th birthday of the web was all that the web is being threatened by fake news, political advertising and lack of privacy. At the end of the year sounded even know any more surely then. In a by Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple) signed the open letter warned that ‘an imminent threat to the internet that we, with so much effort, have built’.

In his most recent letter gives the Brit that scientists always go to the technology companies themselves have looked to imbalance on the web. But maybe this can be a legislative or regulatory overarching framework to help with this, ” he says now. If not, we risk the web is used as a weapon can be.

‘Time for a backlash’

In an interview with Financial Times , he gives the example of socialemediabedrijven, that users have much more control over their personal data should provide. ‘The way in which things can go wrong on the web has increased enormously. It is time for a backlash.’ Before watching the scientist to ‘the best minds of the business community, the government, the civil society, the arts and the academic world, and to Europe.

This year half of the world’s population on the web is, Berners-Lee is also the perfect opportunity to work on the other half. The gap between online and offline forms, according to him, ” a serious global threat’. “We need policies and business models to support that access [to the internet] make it possible for the disadvantaged’, for example, by investing in public wi-fi access. “And women and girls need a global digital training.”

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