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Waylon rises with bookmakers Eurovision

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The chances of Waylon at the Eurovision song Contest rise, according to the international bookmakers. Now all 43 entries are known, Waylon rose to the seventh place at the bookmakers.

Last Friday was Outlaw in Em is still at number 9, but in the weekend, the Dutch countrynummer with two places. A lot of fans in Europe that all the songs listened to find Waylon the well-liked.

Alexander Rybak

The announcement of the exhibit of Norway was the bookmakers is not as good. Norway controls again Alexander Rybak, who, in 2009, already won with the song Fairytale. He received the most votes in the Melodi Grand Prix in 2018, the national song contest from Norway, but was not everybody’s favorite. Norway remains under Waylon, on the 11th place.


It seems the leading contender Israel. Netta Barzilai is on the first place with her feminist song Toythat goes over the #metoo affair. The second and third place are currently occupied by Estonia with La forza , and the Czech Republic with Lie to me. Belgium is just slightly below the Netherlands with a 9th place for Sennek and her number is A matter of time.

Eurovision Song Contest

The song Contest is going to start this year with the semi-finals on 8 and 10 may. Waylon may be rocking Outlaw in em to let it be heard during the second semi-final. The grand finale takes place on Saturday 12 may. Before the festival begins, there are promotional concerts in different European cities. On april 14, join the contenders in AFAS Live in Amsterdam.

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