Watersnoodduel exactly 65 years ago in Paris

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Today, exactly 65 years ago, celebrated almost ten thousand Dutch supporters in Paris the great victory of the Dutch ’pro-team’. On march 12, 1953, were at the Parc des Princes, the players – the photo v.l.n.r. Kees Rijvers, Arie de Vroet, Cor van der Hart and Bram Appel – on the field in euphoria on the shoulders is taken by the Orange-supporters after the 2-1 victory over France. It would be the first step for professional football in the Netherlands.


The KNVB previously had an invitation from the French bond with the ’real’ Dutch team a benefietwedstrijd to come and play for the flood next to him laid. The bond feared a beating against the strong French. Almost all the Dutch top players played in that period for the money in foreign professional leagues. The KNVB, which is the amateurism aanhing, was told that the profs in the ban and suspended them for Orange. On the initiative of the two ’dissidents’, Theo Timmermans and Bram Appel, played still a team in France playing Dutch profs and the FC Köln keepende Frans de Munck in Paris against Les Bleus. ’Orange’ defeated the French by hits of Bertus de Harder and Bram Appel.

The 91-year-old Kees Rijvers is the only surviving player from that famous team. He remembers it well: “It was a bijeengeraapt bunch of players. With four of them I had before I got to France, he once played together in Orange.” The ’pro-team’ was completely overwhelmed by the many existing Dutch supporters. “During the race we got wings, of the many encouragements of the british public, and after the victory they took all of us on the shoulders.”

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